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// just take it easy //






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// missing //

I miss the sunny days and when it was so relax. The harsh days at work were suddenly so easy to forget.

We have had so much good time in the garden, lazying on the long chairs.

Now it’s cold again, raining a lot and the wind let us think it’s winter again. Sigh.

I really miss the sunny days.










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// when the weather is like the mood //

I must say my mood often depends on the weather and this weekend was supposed to be rainy so…I was not supposed to be happy.

If I work or not doesn’t matter that much. The thing is: I really need to see the sun from the morning till the end of the day. (Remember: I’m a summer girl…)

Luckily, we had such a sunny day that I was really happy to go out and catch some fresh air with more than 15 degrees on the top of the afternoon!

We did a shopping trip to one of my favorites shops and that was a good escape since I still feel pretty sick and tired and don’t really sleep a lot these nights.

Well, let’s say I just hope that, like the weather, I will get better soon!

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